I started out making collages with paper, scissors, and glue and got swept up into a love affair with digital manipulation. In time,  however I started to miss the pure physicality of making work and really getting my hands dirty, and am now happily once more back to my roots. Using  traditional media, I seek to duplicate the digital experience and aesthetic of building layers and achieving different levels of transparency, To best do this, I  combine materials such as paint, photo transfers, fabric such as silk and tulle, found objects, string, threads, paint, translucent skins and oil pastels. I am especially enamored with the kind of bleeding colored tissue paper that we all used in kindergarten. 

In my work I examine themes of isolation and interconnection; the combining of disparate forms, elements, and imagery to achieve an interwoven whole. Using the materials described, this is visually achieved by initially setting up a rigid structure such as a grid and slowly breaking it down by creating new visual connections and relationships. The dimension of transparency is employed to play with the idea of subtext; What is overtly stated? What is implied? Where do straight edges yield? Where do overlapping forms create something new?

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